I.T. support and tuition during the Coronavirus pandemic

We are all living through a very difficult time and things are not easy for any of us.

Keeping in touch with family and friends using the Internet is one important way of helping us cope with lockdown. 

In the current situation, I am being kept increasingly busy helping people with their technology needs but I'm having to adapt the way I work.

I have been doing a lot of remote support via phone, email, whatsapp and so on. I've also worked on peoples devices in my car, parked on their drive to minimise social interaction.

As lockdown has eased, I've been going into people's homes when necessary if customers feel comfortable with that. I wear a face covering where required and of course gel my hands before entering people's homes.

Rest assured, I am taking every possible precaution to minimise the risks posed by the Coronavirus and anticipate that such precautions may be needed for some time.