4th March 2013
I've decided to move my own broadband away from O2. I've been with them since 2008 and the service has been excellent but I can't abide Sky and O2 are planning to sell their broadband service to them so I'm on the move, most likely to BT.

I've also found a cracking mobile deal too. If you're on O2 and out of contract it's unbeatable. 500Mb of data, 600 minutes and unlimited texts all for £2.67 a month! Details here

23rd February 2013
A client has been using Orange as her phone/broadband provider but, like many, wasn't too happy with the service. Today we arranged to move her phone service back to BT and her broadband service to Plusnet. She also wanted a quick lesson on scanning pictures using Picasa.

22nd February 2013
A client was having a problem with Word - the problem was it just wouldn't open! I was able to fix the problem in a few minutes- as the client lives nearby, I didn't make a charge.

21st February 2013
A broadband installation was the first order of play today. Then a migration from BT to Plusnet - this is going to save the client  £14 a month in broadband costs!

This afternoon I got called out by a client to help her with her email account -she wanted to learn how to forward emails onto people without including dozens of email addresses that were included in the email she had been sent. Lots of people could benefit from knowing how to do this - that way the problem of spam could be reduced!

20th February 2013
A standard wireless printer install this morning..

This afternoon was a bit more of a challenge. A client couldn't print to his wireless printer from his laptop. I'd installed the printer a few months ago and it had been working flawlessly since.

Exactly why it stopped working remains a mystery. Even more of a mystery was why it was problematic to get it working again. It seemed straightforward - but it just refused to connect. The answer was to give the printer a fixed ip address. Simples!

18th February 2013
Wow, busy weekend! I helped a client who had fallen victim to the 'Ammyy scam'. The Ammyy scam is where you get phoned up by somebody who says they're a Microsoft technician and they have called to help you with a virus they have detected. They are very persuasive and get you to follow their instructions. Eventually, they tell you they can fix the problem if you hand over some money - typically, it's about £75.
My client smelled a rat at this point and refused to pay. The criminals then proceeded to lock him out of his laptop! This is when I got called in. I fixed the problem but it was time-consuming. I think my client is now wiser, and will be more cautious in future.

Another client had an even more worrying problem.

'H' is a lovely guy of 87. He was concerned that a 'friend' of his was doing something he shouldn't have been doing on his laptop. On investigation, it turned out this 'friend' had installed 'WinPcap' on his laptop - see the third paragraph of the linked page. It took a while, but it became clear the 'friend' was seriously messing with H's laptop, even going so far as to change his online banking password. I advised H to contact his bank first and the Police next.