I'm on the Nextdoor website where you can see some reviews that customers have posted

I've asked some of my other  clients for some feedback about my service. This is what they said...

As a busy university research fellow who needs to constantly upgrade my programmes as well as my database skills, I have found the prompt, informative as well as affordable assistance of Mark Fletcher invaluable over the past two years. I would have no hesitation in recommending him for novices and more experienced PC users alike.

Dr Brian Parkin, University of Leeds.

Mark has been tremendously helpful to me for several years in repairing and rectifying problems with my computer. He has also enabled me to comprehend new systems in the Internet, and is always patient and understanding. He encourages me with kindness. Because of him, a whole new life has been opened up to me in my retirement, and I can always call on him when I have difficulties with the computer. He is constantly cheerful and more than happy to come to my aid.

Dr. Richard Burke, Hyde Park

Mark Fletcher has helped me greatly in all aspects of computer skills as well as my software and program updating.  He has proved to be most prompt and informative and I would not hesitate to recommend him to other home P.C users.

Elizabeth Roundhay

 Mark was recommended to me as a skilled I.T. Tutor. I have found him to be a talented teacher with good interpersonal skills and a very agreeable personality. He is helpful, patient, and supportive, able to explain issues in various different ways to enable one to grasp ideas and techniques. It is thanks to Mark that I have finally been able to fully use my computer and discover the joy of the Internet. I would highly recommend him to anyone who, like me, has struggled to utilize their computer fully.

Moira.B. Moortown.

I can highly recommend Mark as he is always reliable,helpful ,pleasant and patient which is important as I am an OAP.

Audrey C, Headingley

Mark is the reason I am happily using the Internet. Having only started a few years ago, in my retirement, I`ve found his technical expertise and teaching to be both excellent and utterly reliable, he responds to calls quickly, and his charges are very reasonable indeed. My husband, a busy professional, a computer user for many years, says that Mark`s service and support are the best he has ever received.

Jennifer S, Headingley

Mark has helped me over the last 3/4 yrs with practical information on the use of my laptop and broadband connection. I have recently bought a new Laptop and his assistance has been invaluable to me. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark in this field. His service has been invaluable.

Jenny G, Roundhay

I was having endless problems with my computer. It was running slowly, there were viruses I couldn't clear and I was seriously thinking of replacing it when I heard about Mark's Computer Clinic. I rang him and he came to our house the next day. He took the computer away to repair and brought it back two days later. It ran like a new machine. He had installed a much better anti virus system, added new and interesting websites for music and research. He has an amazing amount of knowledge and is an excellent teacher. I have not had a second's trouble with my PC since he repaired it last year and would recommend him to anyone experiencing problems similar to mine. He charges competitive rates and I feel he is reliable and genuinely interested in the work he does.

Andrea M, Collingham

Mark has helped me on a number of occasions to sort out computer problems, teach me how to do various things on my PC as well as helping me choose and set up a new laptop. He is patient, reliable and clearly knows what he's doing. He seems to really enjoy helping people with their technology and I trust his advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends and family.

Maisie T, Bramhope